10 Fun Summer Camp Activities For Kids

Summer is a glorious time of year when families get together and enjoy each other’s company as they soak in the sun. While summer break seems like endless fun and making merry, some parents wait eagerly for school to resume so normalcy can return. If you are contemplating enrolling your little ones in a summer camp, here are ten fun summer camp activities for kids:


1. Hiking


A cabin in the woods presents the best opportunity to go on hiking trips and commune with nature. Pack hiking essentials such as boots, pants, jackets, and a backpack full of supplies like bottled water, allergy medication, and such. They can learn so much along the way if they can forage. For example, they can find herbal medicine for dry cough or other ailments. 


2. Storytelling


Encourage children to tell stories around a campfire then go round asking questions after that. Narration evokes creativity and boosts a child’s confidence, so they become better at public speaking.


3. Making Kites


Flying kites is a favored pastime for children, and they can do this right in the backyard or at the neighborhood park. Making kites from scrap paper and strings should not be too difficult even for preschool children. Pick a windy day for this activity to ensure the kites fly as far away as desired.


4. Observing Clouds


Elementary school kids are already familiar with various types of clouds ranging from the cumulonimbus to contrail. Spend a few days outdoors observing clouds as they come and go. Cloud watching makes for an enlightening science and geography lesson and what’s more; you don’t have to pay a cent!


5. Gardening


Whether you send your children to a summer camp in the woods or just nearby, gardening is always a great idea. Identify a patch of land that you can easily till and plant some vegetables, trees, or flowers. This experience not only applies their in-class knowledge but it is therapeutic.


6. Tree Identification


Creating a scrapbook full of tree leaves, seeds, and bark is an expedient method of learning about the different kinds of trees. You will need a notebook, pen, tape, and perhaps a camera. Ask questions to gauge their knowledge about what you gathered such as how does the bark feel like?


7. Baking


Cooking is the perfect indoor activity that allows you to teach children a little self-independence. Bake cookies, biscuits, cake, muffins, and just about any treat that makes them happy. Take caution, though; don’t let them operate the oven without your assistance.


8. Making Soap Bubbles


Watching soap bubbles dissipate into thin air is a favored activity for young children. All you need is a liquid soap, food color, and plastic rings to blow out the soap. This seemingly mindless activity is an excellent source of joy for the little ones.


9. Painting


Children who love art and craft will enjoy painting with different colored brushes and then hanging these paintings as decorations. All you need is a painting canvas, paint brushes, paint, and some frames.


10. Collecting Seashells


If you live near a beach, a late afternoon stroll is a perfect time to gather collectibles like seashells and rocks. Decorate the mantle with them or store them in the garage as playthings.Summer camp activities are endless. All you need is a tad of creativity and paraphernalia to keep the kids engaged.